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Viewi Zone 1 Satellite Dish & Single Output LNB for Sky/FreeSat/HD/SD

Viewi Zone 1 Satellite Dish & Single Output LNB for Sky/FreeSat/HD/SD

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Satellite Dish Zone 1 - (Dish Size is 59cm wide x 43cm height)

The New dish is a few centimetres larger for better reception and general performance and the dish is a Zone 1 dish, not guaranteed to work in Scotland or Ireland, although the new larger size makes it better than the previous mini dish

Technical Information

The LNB is fitted with the new bracket for this dish which holds it securely with no "wobble". The kit components are matched for guaranteed performance. All you need to add is the cable and connectors.

Additional Info

We also include setup diagrams. It is ideal for upgrading to Sky + or Freesat where you want to provide extra capacity to watch up to four channels at a time on dual-tuner boxes (Sky/ Sky HD/ Freesat /Hotbird/HD/SD) or just to add additional receivers.

Box Contains:

• Satellite dish Antenna 59CM X 43CM
• MK 4 Single Output LNB
• Fixing Pack and bolts
• Wall bracket pack
• Setup diagrams

USES of 59CM X 43CM Satellite Dish

✓ Ideal for Sky & Freesat
✓ Hotbird
✓ Sky Plus / Sky HD

ADVANTAGES of a 59CM X 43CM Satellite Dish

✓ Anti-corrosion coating dish makes it ideal for use in seaside areas where corrosion caused by salt air is a problem
✓ Small compact Satellite Dish
✓ Gives a better signal gain
✓ Low-cost Satellite Dish
✓ Easy DIY setup

  • Multi-Satellite: ZONE 1 Satellite Dish is used to experience crystal clear video and enhanced audio without having to pay installation fees because it's HD ready. Suitable for most foreign satellites such as Hotbird, Sky Plus / Sky HD Signal Reception.
  • Compatibility: This dish holds up well to the elements, delivering clear signal reception. HD ready, you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear video and superior audio without the need for forking out for installation fees. Matched components for guaranteed performance
  • Fixing Recommendations: Including all brackets to fix to a wall at various heights. Satellite dish 59cm wide X 43cm height Complete Dish with a Single Output LNB, Brackets & Fixing bolt pack including instructions
  • SINGLE LNB: Comes with a single LNB that has a single LNB connection for a coaxial cable and a standard satellite receiver like a Sky or Freesat box to be connected. The Single LNB has a pull down rain cover to protect connections and will allow you to run single tuner receivers such as Sky HD boxes
  • Simple to Use: Easy Setup, all you need to do is align to the satellite of your choice then add your cable, connectors and your own receiver. Made with approved and certified materials to provide the strongest signal strength. A compact design with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions
Antenna Satellite
Brand Viewi
Colour ZONE 1 _ Single
Number of channels 4
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