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SSL Satellites Portable Satellite Zone 2 80cm RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Quad Tripod & Sat Finder 10M RG6 Black

SSL Satellites Portable Satellite Zone 2 80cm RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Quad Tripod & Sat Finder 10M RG6 Black

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Camping Dish & Tripod:

This Zone 2 satellite dish is perfect for camping, garden, caravanning or even permanent use for apartments, balconies and homes. A compact design with superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions and provide the strongest signal strength.

The caravan satellite tripod has a wide footprint to ensure stability and is ideal for Garden, Camping or caravan holidays homes. Adjustable heights and due to its extremely low standing position and centre of gravity, it will not be blown away like others.


  • Portable Satellite Zone 2 Dish
  • Max Tripod height 1.4m
  • Dish Weight 8kg
  • Ideal for Sky or Freesat Receiver + European
  • Satellite Single RG6 & Twin Kit Cable

Satellite Cable:

A coaxial cable is a two-satellite grade coaxial cable joined together to allow one to receive and one to record at the same time. This high-quality weather resistance and flexible twin cable make it suitable for outdoor installation with signal reliability and performance to ensure no loss to picture or sound quality.

Quad LNB 4 Outputs

A Quad LNB allows four separate receivers to be connected to a single Quad LNB and allows the full range of tuning options to be used. The LNB has a built-in multi-switch which eliminates the need for an additional switching unit.


All you need to do is align to the satellite of your choice, then add a coax cable, F connectors and your own receiver. You will be able to enjoy clear video and audio quality without the need to pay out for installation!

  • Premium quality dish set includes portable Camping Zone 2 80CM Dish, Quad LNB, Satellite folding aluminium Tripod, Cable and Satellite Finder for installing any Sky, Sky Plus, HD or any Freesat Receiver
  • ZONE 2 SATELLITE DISH: The Zone 2 satellite dish (80cm) is slightly larger for improved reception and overall performance, and will pick up more European satellites in England and Wales, as well as guaranteeing that it will function for Astra 28 in Scotland, the Highlands, and Ireland (Sky & Freesat)
  • ALUMINIUM TRIPOD: The compact, portable satellite tripod stand has a wide footprint for extra stability. This tripod is lightweight and very stable, it is suitable for dishes up to 100cm and comes with three tent pins for extra anchorage
  • SATELLITE FINDER: Sat finder with pointer display and signal sound. A network meter is very convenient for the installer to catch the signal quickly and accurately adjust the antenna to the best position
  • SINGLE RG6 CABLE INCLUDED: The cable is double-screened for interference protection and features a durable, flexible, and easy-to-install PVC sheath, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Upgrade or replace your satellite system, add a new LNB to your current satellite dish, lengthen your existing twin cable, and relocate your Sky, Sky+, or Freesat Box. 2 x F-connectors, 1 x F-inline coupler (for connection to an existing cable) and Cable Clips are included (1 Clip Per Meter)
  • QUAD LNB: Quad LNB device mounted on a satellite dish that receives the low-level microwave signal from the satellite, amplifies it and changes the signals to a lower frequency band and sends them down the cable to the indoor receiver. Designed to work with any satellite broadcasting in the Ku Band and standard satellite receivers.
Antenna Satellite
Brand Viewi
Colour Black RG6
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