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You can find the TV guide for Freeview in the UK through various sources. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Freeview website: Visit the official Freeview website ( and navigate to their TV Guide section. They provide a comprehensive TV guide that lists the channels and programs available on Freeview.

2. Electronic Program Guide (EPG): If you have a Freeview set-top box or a Freeview-enabled TV, you can access the electronic program guide directly on your device. This guide displays the schedule for all available channels on Freeview.

3. TV listing websites: Several websites offer TV listings for Freeview channels. Some popular options include:

- (
- What's on TV (
- Radio Times (

These websites provide up-to-date TV listings for Freeview channels, allowing you to see what's on today and in the coming days.

4. Mobile apps: There are mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices that offer TV listings for Freeview channels. Examples include " TV Guide" and "Freeview TV Guide." These apps provide an easy way to browse TV schedules on the go.

Remember that TV schedules can vary depending on your region and the specific channels you have access to through Freeview. It's always a good idea to double-check the listings to ensure accuracy for your location.


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